A few firsts

India is known for being colorful. That hardly begins to describe the inside of a
Sari shop. I went with a few people from my Alliance group and one of
the host grandmas. It was quite the experience! So many beautiful
fabrics line the walls, and each one is laid out in front of you as the
shop owner displays what he has to buy. If you like one, you put it in the
“maybe” pile. Then you get to try them all on while being served
coffee or chai. I do believe I am in quite a few Facebook profile
pictures since the shop quickly filled with people who wanted to take pictures
with the Americans. It’s something I am still not used to at all.
Anyways, I bought my first sari, and it was just in time! My host mom
informed me that she would be taking me and my roommate Isabelle to our first
Indian wedding!

This was the perfect occasion for me to wear my new Sari (which makes me feel like a
princess). The ceremony was so much different than the one’s in the United
States. In this ceremony, family and friends gathered around the bride and
groom, who were separated by a sheet, while the rituals were sung by the
priest. To be honest, I did not understand any of it! But I enjoyed the
confetti that was thrown all over the bride and groom as the ceremony ended,
the sheet was lowered, and they were finally able to see each other. Afterward,
an Indian style buffet was served to the guests, and it was delicious like
almost every other dish I have tried here. This wedding was just one more
experience that made me fall even more in love with India.




2 thoughts on “A few firsts

  1. What an experience for you! Sorry you didn’t understand anything, but I’m sure you were still able to appreciate the experience! Enjoy the rest of your study abroad. Dr. D.

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