My First Week in India

I finally made it to India! So much has happened, and I have only been here two weeks. It is a very different world here compared to the United States. The first week was orientation and took place in a village called Durshet, which is in the rural hills a few hours from Pune. It is beautiful there, and the entire lodge was surrounded by hills and exotic looking plants. I shared a bungalow with three other girls (and a few rats as well….), and I experienced my first bucket shower. At first I felt a bit pouty about it. But now I love it, and it saves a lot of water. You just fill a big bucket of water (which isn’t always warm), and then you use a little cup to pour water over yourself. It is very refreshing and more environmentally friendly than showers, which waste a lot of water.

During orientation we were introduced to a yoga session, a game of cricket (which is super popular here), local village games, and amazing food. We were taught cultural etiquette and safety, and learned a few phrases of Marathi (the language of the region) to help us get by. We hiked to a local village to see how the people live there, and we all were taken to visit a Hindu temple as well. Orientation was very enlightening, and was a slow, rural introduction to the Indian way of life. It was a good stepping stone to city life which is busier, louder, and much more crowded. That was a summary of my first week! There are some pictures below.

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4 thoughts on “My First Week in India

  1. So proud of you Bekah and can’t believe you’re there and experiencing all of this! We miss you and can’t wait to hear more!!

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